British men ‘kinder to cars than women’

New research from a motor company has found that men in the UK spend more time playing with their vehicles than spoiling their partners.

According to fish4cars, males splash out more on extras and decoration for their cars than they do jewellery and gifts for the lady in their lives.

The company, which sells over 120,000 motors, bikes and boats through its site, polled more than 1,000 men for the study.

Figures also showed that 40 per cent of males had not bought their partners a present for a month.

Joe Slavin, chief executive of the firm, lamented this death of romance.

"It is a sad story to hear that some men enjoy spending time cleaning and tinkering with their cars more than wining and dining their loved ones," he said.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian women are protesting against the country’s rule which forbids females from taking to the road.


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