A year’s supply of fuel ‘is worth more than the car it drives’

Fuel prices are so high that many people spend almost the entire value of their car each year just on filling up with fuel.

The implications for drivers of cars five years or older of car tax (VED), insurance premiums and fuel bills combined means that they will devote about a quarter of their salary to keeping their vehicle on the road.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at uSwitch.com, comments: "We are heading towards a situation where motorists are going to be priced off the roads.

"At £2.30 per litre a driver’s annual spend on petrol will soar by almost £2,000. Drivers are also going to need to contend with rising insurance premiums and increased road tax as announced in the Budget.

"As a direct result of these price hikes, motorists are going to be forced to think carefully about when, where or even if they use their cars. For some there are other options such as public transport, but many do not have a choice. Those in rural communities, the elderly and lower income families will really suffer – don’t forget that for many of these a car is a lifeline and their quality of life will suffer if they are unable to afford to use it."

Motoring organisations and uSwitch are all urging vehicle users to drive for maximum fuel economy. Watching the speed and the rev counter for gear changing could help you save as much as possible to keep you motoring for linger.


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