Fiat Panda Eco ‘attracts less resentment than other small cars’

The BBC’s Top Gear website has given the new Fiat Panda Eco a test spin and concluded that it "attracts less resentment than other small cars".

The vehicle’s release shouldn’t mean that the old Fiat Panda becomes an endangered species – it will still be sold and used Fiat Pandas should enjoy long and happy lives owing to the popularity of the brand.

A price tag of £7,705 means the Panda Eco and neatly slots into the government’s lower tax band, saving £85 when you drive it out of the showroom.

Top Gear reviewer Piers Ward was surprised at the lack of surprises with the car. "It’s still an awesome little town car," he wrote.

The only difference between the Eco and the Panda original that Mr Read could note were the low-rolling-resistance tyres and low-viscosity oil "which helps with the friction levels in the engine".

Even the gear ratios have stayed the same.

The car is part of Fiat’s drive to satisfy the EU’s desire that car manufacturers have an average CO2 value across their range of 130g/km.

‘Green’ used cars are soaring in popularity as the government introduces incentives to reduce the prices of less polluting vehicles.

Written by Bobby Minter


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