Used Car? Ask Mum

Mumsnet, the portal which allows mums to share information and advice, has teamed up with What Car? to offer industry reviews and user-generated feedback on the whole car buying process.

Reviews are largely written by and aimed at mums. And, in a break from male-orientated reviews which largely focus on engine performance, Mumsnet focusses more on the impact of cars on lifestyle, providing information and advice on maintenance, ease of use, finance etc. The website also includes snippets on what each car can be used for. On the Aston Martin DB9, Mumsnet suggests it’s perfect for:

“Driving to your beachfront apartment in Monaco at weekends”.

Audi’s TT is just the thing for:

“Bringing out the jealousy fairies in your friends, your family – in fact anyone who sees you driving it.”

On the Fiat 500, they say it is great for:

“Standing out from all those Minis, until everyone else gets one, anyway.”

On the Ford Mondeo, Mumsnet suggests:

“Get past the sales rep image and the Mondeo is a brilliant all-rounder and one of the best family cars around.”

On three housewife favourites, Mumsnet offers:

Good for: “Admiring its cutesy looks as you sip a cappuccino at the health club” (Volkswagen Beetle).

“The quintessential hatchback, has loads going for it.” (Ford Focus)

“Taking the kids and the in-laws on holiday, then leaving them to it while you pack the surfboards and hit the waves.” (Volkswagen Sharan)

Justine Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder of Mumsnet, said:

“When it comes to buying cars, we know that priorities change once people start a family and that parents are looking for safe, economical and practical cars without the hard sell. 80% of our users seek advice or read reviews on Mumsnet when they are planning to buy a child-related product, and judging from the number of car discussions on the site there’s a clear need for similar advice when it comes to cars. “


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