It’s all done with mirrors

Style conscious Chevrolet drivers may dream that their car reflects, and
promotes, their image – and now they get to "try before they buy" in a
special car fitting-room.

A remote-controlled revolving turntable enables potential car buyers to
examine themselves, reflected in 360-degree glory, sitting inside their
chosen vehicle – and give vent to their fantasies of ownership.

Nicky Hambleton-Jones, presenter of Channel 4’s makeover show ’10 Years
Younger’, commented: "You wouldn’t dream of buying a dress or suit
without trying it on first so why should it be any different when it
comes to buying a car – after all you never know who might pull up next
to you at the lights.

"Most people have no idea what they actually look like behind the wheel,
but seeing as the car is an expression of your personality, it’s
important to make sure you get the model that complements your style.
Well done, Chevrolet, for creating the first drive-in fitting room
letting us literally try on our cars – and bringing a much needed touch
of glamour to forecourts."

No doubt, accessories will become more co-ordinated than just
body-coloured bumpers!


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