Special edition Corvette goes on limited UK sale

A special edition Ron Fellows Corvette Z06 is to go on limited sale in the UK, car maker Chevrolet has announced.

The unique version of the car, which is named after a racing driver who became a legend for his contribution to the Corvette racing team, will feature Ron Fellows’ autograph.

It will come with an Arctic white paintjob and be characterised with a "racing-style" wing stripe.

A full-width, racing rear spoiler will also feature on the car, as well as ten-spoke aluminium wheels. The vehicle will be powered by an LS7 V8 engine, which will deliver an impressive 512hp and carry the car from 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds.

Ed Peper, general manager of Chevrolet, said: "Ron Fellows is part of Corvette’s racing heritage and he has been instrumental in the remarkable success of the Corvette racing team in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS).

"The special signature-series Z06 model that bears his name will forever link him to one of the greatest eras in factory racing, which has produced six consecutive ALMS GT1 manufacturers’ championships and counting."

This special edition Corvette Z06 is sure to be an inviting prospect for motorsport fans, but they will have to be quick, as only 399 are planned for production with just 33 destined for Europe.


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