Chevrolet drivers can save ‘£312 per year by driving economically’

A study by Chevrolet has found out that motorists could save £300 per year by taking an economical approach to their driving.

The company entered two identical Aveo 1.4 LT 5-dr hatchbacks in the annual Fleetworld/ALD Automotive MPG Marathon to compare and contrast the fuel economy of a car driven normally, and one driven in an environmentally-conscious manner.

The course consisted of a 411-mile route through the West Country, Wales and Cheshire, involving heavy traffic, steep gradients and prolonged periods of motorway driving.

The Aveo driven normally, keeping pace with the speed of traffic and always within the speed limit, achieved a respectable figure of 42.54mpg.

But the identical car, driven with a methodical eco-friendly approach, achieved 57.89mpg.

Despite the different driving approaches, the two cars arrived at the event’s finish line in Bristol within 20 minutes of each other.

Chevrolet has calculated that by driving in a green style, the savings on offer over one year’s driving would equate to around £312 for the average motorist.

Written by Stephen Eagle


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