Chevrolet comes up with a knock-out Punch and Judy idea

Car manufacturer Chevrolet has created the world’s first in-car Punch and Judy theatre.

The custom-made booth fits onto the side of a Chevrolet Captiva allowing Punch and Judy to be performed from the back seat of the car.

The free mobile show will go on tour this summer and deliver shows to a generation of kids sadly more familiar with Richard and Judy than this great British knock-about holiday tradition

Punch and Judy are two married glove puppets wielded by a ‘professor’ – normally a retired old man looking to supplement his income who is no more a professor than you or I.

The story usually consists of comical arguments, brushes with the law and wife-beating with puppet sticks and kept scores of tiny tots enthralled before a sudden dip in popularity over the last 20 years.

An optimistic Susan Kalair from Chevrolet commented: "Hopefully our specially-created mobile Punch and Judy car will bring back fond memories for parents and create new ones for the huge number of children who have never even seen the show."

Showing a fine sense of humour she added: "As Punch would say: ‘that’s the way to do it!’"


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