Car of the Week: Bentley R Type


The replacement for the Mark VI, the R Type is part of the second series of post war automobiles. Regarded by some auto enthusiasts as a bit of a stopgap before the S Series became available in 1955, the R Type gets unfair treatment in some circles, and it remains a true icon of British motoring.

As with the Mark VI, both standard body and coachbuilt versions were available, with coachbuilders including H. J. Mulliner & Co., Park Ward, Harold Radford, Freestone and Webb as well as numerous others.


In terms of design and style, the R Type is very similar to the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn, with the main differences being the radiator grilles and carburation. Surprisingly, the R Type was far more popular that the Silver Dawn. Only 760 units of the Silver Dawn were ever made, whereas 2,500 R Types left the production line.


During the development of the R Type, the car was known as the Bentley Mark VII, and some of the chassis cards refer to them as the Bentley 7.


All R Types have a straight 6 engine that is fed by twin SU Type H6 carburettors. On early models, a 4-speed manual transmission was standard, but during later models, a 4-speed automatic option became standard.


In 1953, the car was tested by popular magazine The Motor to see exactly what it could achieve. The tests revealed that the top speed of the R Type was a staggering 101.7 mph, and it could hit 0-60 in 13.25 seconds (a quick rate in 1953).

Inside, the car is characterised by scrumptious leather and other luxurious goods. If you’re a fan of a classic, then the R Type will not disappoint, with its huge windscreen giving unrivalled views of the countryside and surroundings. What’s more, the steering wheel is typically huge, and the driving position will help you feel like the king of the road.


This particular model is one of the few affordable Bentleys left in the UK. Finished in two-tone Champagne with a nutmeg contrast, this 1953 R Type is truly stunning. The car has just returned from the Goodwood Revival festival, and despite its mileage, there appears to be plenty of life in the old girl yet.

Complete with a steel sunroof, stainless steel exhaust, everything is in working order and that car is ready to be enjoyed. If you’re interested in further details, click here.






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