New Mazda MX-5 v 4×4

New Mazda MX 5

While the weather seems to be doing its best to force us Brits into becoming a nation of 4×4 drivers, Mazda are looking to buck at least some of that trend by unveiling their much-loved MX-5 complete with impressive facelift. And, it’s a facelift that’s more than just cosmetic.

The new MX-5 has a new bonnet that reduces impact upon collision with pedestrians and there are new side airbags to make sure drivers are equally well protected. The new MX-5 also houses a new integrated TomTom satellite navigation and air conditioning.

Ultimately though it’s all about the look. Not exactly a revolution or a revelation but that new grille, bumper and chin spoiler reduce drag while delivering a tickle more speed and fuel efficiency.

Under the hood, Mazda say they’ve improved the throttle, making it more responsive, and brakes, making them smoother and quicker. The brakes have been tweaked to improve weight distribution when going into corners and offering a better exit when coming out.

The engines remain 1.8 124bhp five-speed manual and 2.0 158bhp six-speed manual or six-speed paddle in manual or auto. The 1.8 delivers a perfectly respectable for class 39.8mpg and 167g/km of C02.

The 2013 MX-5 will be available with the soft-top and roadster from December 1st and cost you £18,495 to £23,595. If that’s a bit rich, Mazda have a host of finance deal on offer that might make the car accessible to those looking to save funds for the visit of the big, present wielding man later in the month.

So, the MX-5 looks like continuing its place in the hearts and minds of the British driver.

Auto Express Magazine has, for the last six years, voted the Mazda MX-5 as Best Roadster at its new car awards while the earlier models are increasingly being considered as a classic ride. That looks set to continue, as long as the weather holds.


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