5 Star Safety: The Safest Family Cars On The Market

If you have a family, then it is likely that safety is your number one priority. Luckily, cars are safer now than they ever have been before, and some cars really do deliver five star safety, giving your family every chance of staying safe in the eventuality of a crash. Fingers crossed that such an eventuality never occurs, but if it does, then here are the cars that will keep you safe.

Euro NCAP, the crash test organisation, have compiled a list of the cars that have performed the best in their crash tests over the course of the past twelve months. Each car has been given a score out of 100 for adult occupation protection, child occupant protection, pedestrian protection and safety assist protection. Read on to find out what car is best in the category you need:

Safest Supermini: Renault Clio

Renault Clio

Adult occupant protection: 88 per cent

Child occupant protection: 89 per cent

Pedestrian protection: 66 per cent

Safety assist system: 99 per cent

Since the Clio was first released, over 12 million cars have been sold, and its popularity in the UK seems to be going from strength to strength. NCAP’s latest safety ratings will do nothing to dampen sales, either, with the Renault Clio coming out top of a very tough category that includes the Honda Jazz and the Audi A1.

Safest Small Family Car: Volvo V40

 Volvo V40

Adult occupant protection: 98 per cent

Child occupant protection: 75 per cent

Pedestrian protection: 88 per cent

Safety assist system: 100 per cent

Over the last decade, Volvo have become synonymous with safety. Due to this, the fact that the V40 has come at the top of the list should come as no real surprise. With a 100 per cent score for safety assist systems and a 98 per cent score for adult occupant protection, the Volvo V40 is one of the safest cars in any division. What’s more, it’s sleek, stylish and affordable too. Perfect if you’re after a small family car.

Safest small MPV (Tied Result): Ford B-Max

Ford B-Max

Adult occupant protection: 92 per cent

Child occupant protection: 84 per cent

Pedestrian protection: 67 per cent

Safety assist system: 71 per cent


In the smallest MPV category we received a tied result, with the Ford B-Max and the Fiat 500L receiving exactly the same score.

Since launch, the B-Max has proved popular and, unlike some MPVs, it’s easy to park and light on fuel. What’s more, the 1.0l petrol option may sound a little light, but it is packed with power, delivering the performance of a 1.6. If you’re after a fun, safe and practical MPV then it is hard to look much further than the B-Max.

Safest small MPV (Tied Result): Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L

Adult occupant protection: 94 per cent

Child occupant protection: 78 per cent

Pedestrian protection: 65 per cent

Safety assist system: 71 per cent


The Fiat 500L, however, does give the B-Max a run for its money. Although its pedestrian safety score is relatively low, its adult occupant protection rating is one of the highest around. When you add into the mix that the 500L contains the sleek styling of the standard sized 500 (a car that is widely believed to be one of the most beautiful on the market), you have one of the greatest MPVs that money can buy.

Safest Small Off-Road 4×4: Ford Kuga

Ford Kuga

Adult occupant protection: 94 per cent

Child occupant protection: 86 per cent

Pedestrian protection: 70 per cent

Safety assist system: 100 per cent


In the off road category, Ford reigns supreme once more. The Kuga was lauded by punters and reviewers across the globe when it first entered the market, with its safety features only boosting its popularity. In fact, in terms of safety assist systems, the Kuga received a perfect 100 per cent score. It doesn’t get safer than that. If you have a large family or live in a rural location, the Kuga seems like the perfect choice of vehicle.

Safest Large Off-Road 4×4: Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe

Adult occupant protection: 96 per cent

Child occupant protection: 89 per cent

Pedestrian protection: 71 per cent

Safety assist system: 86 per cent


Potentially not the first name off the lips when we think of large off road vehicles, the Hyundai Santa Fe tops the list for safety comfortably. Scoring well across all four categories, it’s the perfect all-rounder if you require a car that can take on all challenges and provide ultimate safety for you and your passengers, then look no further than the Santa Fe.

Safest Large Family Car: BMW 3-series

BMW 3 Series

Adult Occupant Protection: 95 per cent

Child occupant protection: 84 per cent

Pedestrian protection: 78 per cent

Safety assist system: 86 per cent


Finally, if you’re just looking for a large family car then the BMW 3-Series is the safest option according to research. Incredibly popular in the UK (and all over the world for that matter), the 3-Series is stylish, comfortable and safe. What more could you ever want from a family car?

So, there we have it, the safest family cars on the market. The only question now remains: which one suits you best?


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