Seat Leon is ‘undeniably green’

Spanish automobile manufacturer Seat believes that its Leon hatch is "undeniably" an environmentally-friendly vehicle.

The company comments that the vehicle has an official CO2 rating of approximately 161 g per km and gives 47.1 mpg to allow a top speed of 135 mph.

Seat placed the vehicle with the Ibiza and Altea and hailed them as "hot hatches with a conscience".

Steve Robinson, head of marketing at the automaker, states that the excitement offered by the sporty Leon is often surprising to drivers.

"Given the great economy and eco-performance of our TDI diesels it’s not surprising so many SEAT buyers are opting for one," he said.

Seat is a subsidiary of Volkswagen and was founded in 1950 by the Institute Nacional de Industria with the help of manufacturer Fiat.

Its headquarters can be found in Martorellio, Spain and throughout the world the company has 14,500 employees.


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