Seat Ibiza SC makes cinema debut

The new Seat Ibiza SC has made its big screen debut in an irreverent cinema ad.

The advertisement, which is set in the desert, features a host of Seat’s top racing drivers pushing, shoving and sprinting in an effort to pick up the car keys to the three-door supermini.

As an impossibly deep American voice intones the message "there can be only one driver" a mysterious woman drives off in the car, leaving the race aces face down in the desert sand.

As a parting shot the lady gives a cheeky hand signal once popularised by the controversial show jumper Harvey Smith (and not to be found in the Highway Code) as she drives off.

The lady who owns the digit giving the gesture is in fact Seat Leon Supercopa star Christina Surer – a 34-year-old Swiss racer.

The advert, which unsurprisingly has been given a 15 certificate, will be shown before films such as Tropic Thunder and Righteous Kill.

If you can’t afford the price of a cinema ticket to see the ad you will be glad to learn that it has been posted on YouTube.

Written by James Christie


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