Good news for used Seat dealers

Newly-released data shows that Seat’s new Ibiza 5dr will retain at least 43 per cent of its original purchase price after three years and 36,000 miles – good news for used Seat dealers.

Statisticians at CAP New Monitor came up with the independently-assessed figures which will put the car among the very best-performing super-minis as far as used values are concerned.

CAP New Monitor expects key competitors such as the Renault Clio to retain just 32 per cent (1.2 Expression) of its original value after three years while the Peugeot 207 should hang on to 35 per cent (1.6 Sport) and 37 per cent (1.4 S).

Martin Ward, manufacturer relations manager at CAP Motor Research, thinks he knows why the car will have such enduring value.

He said: "The new Ibiza has much-improved quality over the outgoing car, and much of the interior is as good as some more premium brands.

"This quality will certainly stand the test of time, and will make the Ibiza a very desirable used car for many years."


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