Three-door Mazda 2 to debut in Geneva

Mazda is to debut its new three-door hatchback at the Geneva motor show in March.

The automobile manufacturer released the five-door version of the model in September 2007, claiming that it proved to be "an immediate hit with European customers.

While the same engine is included in the model, the three-door version is to be put onto the market in order to attract those interested in keeping emissions to a minimum and also in having the option of more storage space in the back.

A statement from the firm commented on the achievement the range has already accomplished.

"The five-door Mazda2 has already demonstrated that by completely redesigning the body and chassis and implementing Mazda’s unique ‘gram strategy’, the brand’s small car weight could be reduced to under the 1,000 kilogram threshold," it said.

Mazda is a Japanese vehicle producer founded in January 1920.


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