Far-ranging electric 4x4s

Liberty Electric Cars is specialising in converting high-end Range Rovers and 4x4s to be electrically powered yet with no loss of performance.

They hope to create 250 new jobs and after building their production train, they anticipate producing tens of thousands of conversions per year.

Barry Shrier, Liberty founder and chief executive officer, says: "The Liberty Electric Range Rover takes electric vehicle technology into a new sector, to large luxury cars that people aspire to drive, particularly in cities and urban environments where environmental controls are becoming increasingly tighter.

"The Liberty Electric Range Rover will drive cleanly and quietly around roads and cities, free of tax, congestion and parking charges, making less environmental impact than even the smallest, most fuel efficient car, yet still offering the comfort and security of a luxury 4×4."

Electric vehicles running costs are 80 per cent less than a conventional fuel-powered alternative, and it is anticipated that the new cost of a converted Range Rover will be in the price range £95,000 to £125,000.


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