Experts to oversee Land Rover green scheme

A board of independent environmental experts has been formed with the specific purpose of supporting Land Rover’s carbon dioxide offset programme.

The group will include former government adviser Sir Crispin Tickell, director of the environmental change institute at Oxford, professor Diana Liverman and Dr Sally Uren of sustainable development charity Forum for the Future.

Land Rover states that this initiative is the latest of a number of positive steps. Carbon dioxide emissions from its main plant at Solihull have been reduced by 30 per cent in the past ten years.

The programme is expected to offset all of the CO2 generated by the automaker’s manufacturing operations as well as the first 45,000 miles of vehicle use by its UK customers.

Ms Uren praised Land Rover for recognising the fact that investment in new technologies is key to providing a long-term solution to climate change and looked forward to new innovations appearing on the marketplace in the "not too distant future".

Phil Popham, managing director of the manufacturer, commented: "The Land Rover carbon offset programme is an industry leading initiative and demonstrates our commitment to the environment, which includes investing in new technologies to further reduce the emissions from our vehicles."

The company will be investing in research on sources such as wind and solar energy, technology change and energy efficiency with the ultimate aim of achieving CO2 neutrality.


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