Fewer absentees, more employees and benefit for trees

Land Rover’s ‘Motor-vate’ collaboration between unions and workers at its 4×4 plant has just donated its second vehicle to a community project.

Savings are generated through reducing absenteeism, with employee incentives for 100 per cent workplace attendance.

Jon West, human resources manager at Land Rover’s Solihull factory, said: "Land Rover is delighted that, as a result of the company and unions working together on improving attendance, we are in a situation where the company, through the efforts of its employees, has the opportunity to support local worthy causes."

Recipients of the Land Rover Defender, Waterloo Woodwork, will use the vehicle to transport timber to woodlands, gardens and parks in the local area.

Chief executive officer, Dave Pinwell, said: "We are very grateful for the support of the Land Rover employees.

"To be given a vehicle designed for just that sort of work and built by one of the borough’s largest employers is just ideal for us. The team is extremely excited about it."


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