UK Kia sales put rest of Europe in the shade

The UK is still the leading market for Kia motors in Europe, the latest figures have revealed.

With 2,316 vehicle sales racked up in July, the UK was able to hold on to its place as the leading sales market ahead of the likes of Germany, Italy and France.

In all, 20,550 cars were sold in the UK over the last 12 months, which is over 3,000 more than in either Germany or Iberia, almost 8,000 more than in Italy and close to 10,000 more than in France.

"The Kia brand has outperformed the market in the UK this year and has been especially strong since credit-crunch worries hit new car sales," commented Paul Philpott, managing director of Kia Motors UK.

"We have a fantastic range of well-built and quality vehicles – backed in the case of cee’d by the industry-leading seven year warranty – and whilst some brands are watching their sales freefall our dealer network has been busy convincing real people that Kia represents excellent value for their hard-earned and under-threat income."

However, Mr Philpott went on to say that the company would not be resting on his laurels – with new products set to be rolled out over the next 12 months.

The cee’d family and the Rio proved popular for Kia in the UK – while demand for the Picanto outstripped supply.


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