Pre-order your new car – or join the queue

Infiniti has announced that the European launches of its EX37 coupe crossover, FX performance crossover, and G37 coupe and sedan models will occur in October 2008, with the UK seeing its first cars in April 2009.

Demand, however, appears to be so great that Infiniti has created a website to allow consumers to pre-register orders.

Infiniti Europe’s marketing director, Bastien Schupp, said: "Almost 10,000 people have already signed up on to be an Infiniti Insider.

"We’re pleased to see that excitement and anticipation are building even faster than we expected."

It is anticipated that the list can remain open until September 30th 2008 but then the dealerships will begin to receive their cars, and ordering will take place through them.


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  1. Hi, I am part of the Extended Launch Team for Infiniti and can confirm this report that we’re expecting a lot of demand around the launch as there will be so few Infinitis on the road for some time. So, if you are planning on being one of the first in your country to own an Infiniti then this is the best way to get in the queue. Infiniti will be closing the reservation list as soon as they reach the maximum number of vehicles that they can commit to producing in each country.

    If you need more info visit I’ll also be checking this post over the next few days to answer any queries where I can.