Infiniti Targets ‘Budget’ Drivers with M35h

Japanese car manufacturers Infiniti are releasing a hybrid M35h executive saloon some £3,970 less than their M35h Premium. The move is seen as another challenge to BMW’s confidence in the sector.

“Cost of ownership is an important consideration in any new car purchase. With the M35h GT grade it now means that the P11D values have been reduced and along with the recent improved CO2 rating there are lower bills for companies and for their drivers,”

said Infiniti UK Fleet Sales Manager, Simon Lewis.

Despite the drop in price, Infiniti are keen to protect their reputation for impressive kit and have guaranteed the M35h GT will not be fundamentally dumbed down. The GT will house the company’s standard hybrid which produces 359bhp from a rear-wheel drive, petrol V6/ electric motor. Despite 0-62mph in 5.5sec and a top speed of 155mph, the M35 GT also limbos under the 160g/km C02 threshold.

Inside, there’s Infiniti’s ‘Connectiviti’ sat-nav and ents. The 16-speaker Bose sound system has been shelved after customer feedback though the standard spec will continue to include heated/ventilated leather seats, bi-Xenon headlights with Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS), wood trim and alloys. The soft boot closing mechanism remains as well as Infiniti’s ‘Forest Air’ climate control system.

We said ‘budget’, the M35h GT will be available in in July 2012 at £42,020 or with a diesel M30d from £39,331.


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