‘Inconsistency and non-compliance’ dogging child seat laws

A lack of consistency in the enforcement of the child seat law in addition to non-compliance is seeing a number of parents and guardians risk their children’s lives.

This is the message from Brake, one year on from changes made to regulations over the issue in order to improve safety.

An unrestrained child would be thrown forward at 30 to 60 times their own body weight in a 30 mph crash, the safety group added.

Exemptions to the law mean that restraints can be bypassed if a journey is short and unexpected and if the trip is by taxi.

"Most parents want to do the right thing, but some are clearly in need of advice on the right way to fit their child’s restraint," said Cathy Keeler, head of communications at the group.

The new child restraint laws were brought in on September 18th 2006 and were accompanied by advertising running three months prior.


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