Residual value of Chrysler 300C ‘surprises experts’

The Chrysler 300C saloon vehicle has been a big success when it comes to its residual value, it has been reported.

According to CAP, the model is now worth 67 per cent of its original asking price – £25,750 new.

It added that this has been a "big surprise" to the industry, as American cars general do not perform so well when it comes to retaining value.

Manufacturer relationship manager Martin Ward stated that the car is a strong investment regardless of whether it is new or used.

He said: "When you bear in mind that the initial cost of the Chrysler is much less and it has better standard specification, the 300C represents excellent value for money as a new and used car."

The Chrysler 300C is available with a 3.0-litre Common Rail Diesel engine and can be purchased as a saloon, touring or SRT-8 vehicle.


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