Oil consumption test indicates that the car needs .35 l of oil every 600 miles. Is this a common problem, and can I get it rectified.

I bought a 2010 plate A5 2.0T from my local Audi garage about 6 months ago and after about a month noticed the low oil warning. I arranged for an oil consumption test and this came back indicating that the car needs .35 l of oil every 600 miles. Apparently this is in spec and so Audi do not consider it a problem. My warranty runs out in 6 months time and I am not happy with a car that will need 6 l of oil every year (assuming I do 12000miles). Is this a common problem, and how best can I get it rectified. Also, is this kind of oil consumption typical of a car of that age and quality. It has 45000 miles on the clock.

Asked by Joseph Cefai

We have seen manufacturers quoting up to 1 litre oil/1000 miles – that’s why it’s important to check oil level regularly (every two weeks) particularly when buying a new car that you’re not familiar with.  Some people assume a car can go between services without any checks at all – keeping our patrols in work at the roadside.

There are only two ways for oil to go – it either leaks out of the engine through pipe joints, seals etc. or it passes into the combustion chamber somehow and is burnt.  Using the wrong specification of engine oil can increase oil consumption.


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