Fiat Panda ‘great for city motoring’

The Fiat Panda supermini has picked up an award this week and been described as the “best bet” for driving around the city.

Also saying that the Panda is easy to manoeuvre, Auto Express named the model its city car of 2007 in this year’s New Car Honours.

Light steering and straightforward controls both contribute to the car’s accessibility – and with prices starting at £6,995 it could be an ideal first car for young and new drivers alike.

“It stands out from the crowd and it’s equally special inside,” Auto Express stated. “But perhaps the panda’s greatest quality is its sense of fun.”

The first-generation Panda ceased production in 2003, while the second-generation model is available with up to a 1.4-litre engine.

It is often seen on the streets of European cities, where the supermini is considered by some to be a preferable method of transport.


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  1. Richard Harcourt on

    Iwas told recently by a mountaineer friend that the Pander was the favourite car among mountaineers. In fact having owned one for some years I challeged “Top Gear” to do one of their road tests on a road I’ve driven often “Hard Knot Pass” in the Cumbrian Lake District, starting from Eskdale village, it’s 1:3, tight hairpins all the way to the top and it’s a really exhilerating drive if you don’t mind having to hoot up all the the large family cars that think they can get