4X4 The Surprising Inner City Car

In order to better understand what our customers are looking for when buying a used car, we’re constantly evaluating the AA site, and how our users interact with it. This enables us to identify trends within the used car industry, as well as ensuring the best possible experience for our visitors.

4x4 - London's Choice

Our most recent analysis revealed a surprising development in the interest in 4×4’s. Below is a table of 4×4 searches by location:

County/ SW Volume of searches
London SW Searches 1955
Worcestershire 1763
Derbyshire 1749
Warwickshire 1701
Northumberland 1699
Devon 1652
Suffolk 1639
Norfolk 1594
Somerset 1438
Wiltshire 1324
Northamptonshire 1291
Shropshire 1274
Nottinghamshire 1264
East Yorkshire 1166
Oxfordshire 1069
Cornwall 1055
Dorset 969
Aberdeenshire 953
Monmouthshire 918
Aberdeen 909
Cumbria 867


















* This data is taken by 4×4 searches by postcode for September 2013

This was surprising as there were atleast twice as many searches in South West London as there were in some rural counties such Cornwall & Dorset.

So if you’re looking for a Used 4×4 car, why not join our other visitors by searching today or browse our site here by Car Body Style.

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