Vauxhall launches special offer on accessories

Vauxhall has launched a special offer on base carrier and roof box accessories in response to the growing popularity of MPVs and the lifestyle that they represent.

There has been a threefold increase in MPV sales in the past decade and accessories such as roof boxes have now become "essential equipment" for families, according to Vauxhall.

The manufacturer’s sport roof box provides 450 litres of weatherproof luggage capacity and is fixed in place with a base carrier.

Both of these accessories are available from participating Vauxhall retailers for a reduced price of £299 until September 30th this year.

Also on offer from the automaker this summer are top-down accessories such as windbreaks, which are currently popular owing to the 50 per cent rise in sports car and convertible sales in the past ten years.

Windbreaks are available from Vauxhall dealers to fit mounting slots in Tigra and Astra TwinTop models. As well as reducing wind turbulence around the cabin, the accessory helps to reduce interior heat loss when exterior temperatures fall.


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