Vauxhall Insignia has the looks of a prestige car

The vehicle brought in to replace the Vauxhall Vectra has been labelled as "quite simply brilliant" by one reviewer.

Writing for the Islington Gazette, Neil Greenfield states that the Vauxhall Insignia has the capabilities of rivalling vehicles including the Jaguar XF in terms of looks, while some classy touches on the inside also add to its appeal.

These consist of a speedometer needle that shines a red dot of light to show a driver exactly how fast they are travelling, while a button on the dashboard allows a driver to change their suspension set-up from standard to touring.

Practicality is also strong on the vehicle, according to Mr Greenfield, as 520 litres of space is offered through the boot and the split rear seats can be easily folded down.

He concludes that many vehicles in the mid-size range offer drivers practicality and a strong drive, but the Insignia is the only one that provides the visual appeal of a more prestigious car.

A "harmonious" feel is offered to motorists in the Insignia through the inclusion of an elegant interior design, high ergonomic standards and chrome accents, Vauxhall has said.


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