Vauxhall hopes for a banger-free Britain

Vauxhall has announced its intentions to make Britain ‘banger-free’ by offering a scheme to help people trade in their old, gas-spewing cars for newer models.

As part of a Europe-wide initiative called ecoFlex, Vauxhall is offering a £1,000 bonus up to the end of August for anyone who trades in a car which is then scrapped in exchange for a low-emission version of a Corsa, Meriva, Astra or Zafira.

Those drivers who do not want their cars to be scrapped will still be offered a £250 trade-in bonus to encourage them to go for one of Vauxhall’s most efficient models.

According to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), over 15 million cars on UK roads are seven years old or more and over four million vehicles are over 12 years old.

Vauxhall chairman Jonathan Browning said: "Modern, low-emission vehicles can only help the environment when they also replace the old cars which still blight Britain’s roads.

"We know that there are many drivers who would love to see their old car scrapped and replaced by a modern, safe, fuel-efficient, reliable and ‘greener’ vehicle, but they think they can’t afford it. Vauxhall will now assist them."

The trade-in scheme is "only the first part" of the ecoFlex campaign, according to Mr Browning, as Vauxhall is pursuing initiatives such as the optimisation of the internal combustion engine and ultimately aims to "remove the car from the environmental equation".


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  1. Spot on David Pomfret, replacing a perfectly useable car and replacing it with new on environmental grounds is madness.
    Much of the environmental impact of the motor car is caused during the MANUFACTURIUNG process. So scrapping a car and replacing it with a vehicle of marginally better economy and emissions is not environmentally friendly
    It’s just another example of token green initiatives designed to make people feel better (and GM richer) but really do nothing for the environment.
    I also suspect the £1000 trade in is a con…they would probably give a discount anyway. What they give with one hand they take with another…are people really stupid enough to be taken in by this gimmick ?

  2. David Pomfret on

    This is complete crap. Corporations hiding behind phoney environmental concerns when all they want to do is sell people new cars. Also, this takes no account of the fact that even if you give someone £1000.00 they will still have to find the balance of the not inconsiderable price and, having been given as shiny new car they will then simply have to make more use of it. THe manufacture of new cars is wasteful, raw materials are used in great quantities and scrapping something which has life left in it is environmentally damaging.I am getting sick of all these environazis anyway and public opinion is starting to suss it all out as a con.If you want to help the environment cut down on the wasteful throw away consumer society. In any case, all cars pollute, ones with catalytic converters give off benzine and hydrogen sulphide which non-catalyst vehicles do not and a convertor only operates when the engine reaces its normal working temperature, usually 5 or so miles and until then, it has no effect whatsoever. I have an old car, a Ford Cortina, which I use very sparingly, approx 1000 miles a year, and I maintain in very good condition, the rest of my travelling is by public transport. Don’t be taken in by the blandishments of multi national corporations, all they want is you to become one more consumer and get you into debt.