Vauxhall announces “new Aussie muscle car”

Vauxhall has announced the impending launch of the VXR8, a model which it says will be capable of assuming the mantle of the Monaro.

The VXR8 will be powered by the same six-litre V8 engine as the outgoing Monaro VXR but will reportedly be more efficient following revisions to the engine.

It will be capable of producing 420bhp and reaching 60mph from a standstill in 4.9 seconds.

Introducing the new model, the manufacturer said: "Motoring enthusiasts across Britain mourned the passing of the Monaro. The only Australian-built car to be sold in the UK offered raw and exciting performance thanks to its six-litre V8 and rear-wheel drive setup.

"But the thunder from down under hasn’t stopped yet – in fact it’s only going to get louder. Vauxhall has announced the arrival of a new Aussie muscle car – the VXR8 – and it’s more powerful and exciting than even the legendary Monaro."

While it will offer impressive performance, the VXR8 has also been designed for practicality and comfort, with four doors, a spacious boot, climate control and leather trim.

Driver aids such as the stability system and traction control can be turned off at the flick of a switch and the car also includes 365mm front disc brakes, which enable it to decelerate from 60mph faster than a Lamborghini Murcielago or a BMW Z5.


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  1. Here’s something to make you forget about congestion charging, road pricing and ever more tax on the motorist. For just £34,995, you could have a rip-snorting, 414bhp V8-powered muscle car on your drive. Vauxhall is bringing over the Holden HSV Clubsport R8 from Australia, rebadging it the VXR8 and flogging it to us lucky Brits from July. If you’d rather just cruise around, enjoying the rumble of the V8 from the quad GM exhausts system, the VXR8 will also be available with an auto box, though it does have a manual override. The Monaro, the VXR8’s immediate predecessor, was manual only.