New Vauxhall concept heralds ‘new era’

Vauxhall’s new GTC concept car embodies the "design cues for the next generation of Vauxhall and Opel products", according to Alain Visser, executive director of European marketing at the group.

Showcased at the 77th Geneva Motor Show, the new two-door sports coupe stands out in its design, which breaks away from Vauxhall traditions.

Featuring a sleek matt grey finish, the new model is defined by aluminium vertical intakes which are placed alongside the headlamps.

Other distinctive features in Vauxhall’s new GTC concept offering include advanced bodysides and surfacing, an imposingly wide stance and an aerodynamic appearance.

Hans Demant, vice president of engineering for General Motors Europe, said the group had a history of its concept cars being brought into full production.

"This car is a confident ambassador for the brand and could play a similar role for us, previewing the engineering and design cues of our next-generation of Vauxhall and Opel products," he added.


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