Dad thanks Subaru after Alpine emergency

A father has extolled the virtues of the Subaru Forester SUV after the vehicle helped him through terrible conditions to take his injured son to hospital.

Geoff Cox had to drive through a blizzard to take his son, Adam Alder-Cox, to hospital after the 14-year-old suffered severe facial injuries in a skiing accident in the French-Italian Alps.

The snowstorm had grounded all helicopters and was so severe that even ambulance drivers refused to go out in the conditions.

Mr Cox had to resort to tackling the blizzard himself in order to get his son to the nearest hospital in Briancon, ten miles down a mountain road.

"I decided that, given the circumstances, I would attempt the drive myself in order to get the treatment my son needed," Mr Cox explained.

"The ten miles were not easy. Nine inches of new snow on already icy roads meant that we had to take it slowly but the Forester never gave me any cause for alarm or even concern. I was amazed at the combination of positive feedback from the road and the traction that I got, even in the most atrocious road conditions."

It turned out to be fortunate that Mr Cox did brave the storm, as his son was treated for severe blood loss and a triple fracture of the cheekbones when he arrived at the hospital.

Andrew Edminston, managing director of Subaru UK, said he was "delighted" that the Forester proved to be so trustworthy and said the automaker was "determined to offer our customers a range of practical cars for all road conditions that are also enjoyable to own and drive".


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