Porsche proudly presents Panamera photos

Porsche has released photos of the newest addition to its family of cars – the four-door Panamera Gran Turismo.

The publicity snaps will be pored over by used Porsche dealers who will be excited at the prospect of one day selling this handsome dream machine.

The family already has the 911, Boxster and Cayman sports cars and the four-wheel drive Cayenne in its line-up and the Panamera will now be the fourth car in the model series.

The first thing to notice when browsing the photos is that the Panamera is both wider and lower than rival four-door models on the market, but it still retains its easily-recognisable sleek GT silhouette.

Its makers claim that the Panamera is a highly evolved hybrid which has the looks of a coupe, the style of the classical saloon body, and a "versatile" interior – all factors which have been fed into the DNA of the new car.

Backseat drivers will be pleased to know that they haven’t been neglected by the Panamera designers, courtesy of two firmly-contoured individual seats at the rear of the vehicle.

Prices and further details will be revealed in spring 2009.

Written by Theresa Wardrobe


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