New Maserati Quattroporte Sport gets Detroit debut

The new Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S has been getting the people of Detroit in a spin after making its debut in the Motor City’s North American International Auto Show.

The car’s designers believe they have come up with "a real driving machine in the guise of a luxury sedan" and have used Maserati’s racing DNA to come up with the new, improved beast.

Used Maserati dealers who take a look at the publicity photos of the car will agree that the vehicle has a sportier and more aggressive look thanks to a revamped interior and exterior.

New headlights in metallic titanium finish embody the spirit of the new car.

Maserati is keen to stress its green credentials, always selecting environmentally-friendly, easily recyclable materials made from natural substances.

Natural textile fibres, wood and leather feature heavily in the models’ interiors.

The cars are also easy to dismantle when their working lives come to an end, which is helpful for recycling purposes. Before they are dismantled they make a stylish choice of used car.

Written by Stephen Keel


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