Ferrari F430 ‘top for retaining value’

The Ferrari F430 Spider holds value better than any other 12-month old convertible on sale in the UK, according to research by EurotaxGlass’s.

A typical 2006 version of the car retains 97 per cent of its value over a year, according to the study, followed closely by a Volkswagen Eos 2.0 TDI Sport (94 per cent).

In joint third place were the Porsche Boxster S and the Mercedes Benz SLK55 (87 per cent) followed by the Mini 1.6 Cooper S, Audi RS4 Cabriolet and Jaguar XK (85 per cent).

According to Jeff Paterson, senior car editor at EurotaxGlass’s, there were some surprising findings in some areas of the study.

"This analysis offers some stark examples of how changing patterns of supply and demand are challenging the market’s preconceptions of which cars hold their value best," he said.

"Few would expect convertibles such as the Vauxhall Astra Twin Top and Mitsubishi Colt Cabriolet to boast residual values stronger than those of a BMW Z4."

Mr Paterson also explained that the convertible market is highly sensitive to seasonal effects and can experience peaks and troughs.

In May, used convertibles experienced a month-on-month increase of five per cent in residual values, as demand improved in response to periods of dry and sunny weather.


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