Daihatsu centenary celebrated in style

Japanese firm Daihatsu is celebrating its centenary with the release of two limited edition vehicles.

Dealers will be supplied with 100 units of the Terios mini-SUV and the Sirion supermini, with both expected to sell out before the end of September 2007.

The Terios Centenary model is based on the entry-level Terios S. It comes in metallic silver paint, alloy wheels and roof rails and costs £12,695 on the road.

Meanwhile, the Sirion Centenary is modelled on the entry-level S vehicle and is also kitted in silver metallic paint and can be bought ready to go for £7,395.

While the name Daihatsu was not used for some time, the celebration commemorates the arrival of its forerunner Hatsudoki Seizo Company, which was established in 1907.

The name Daihatsu was formed from the first characters of the kanji words for Osaka and engine manufacture. It was first used in 1951.


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