Aston Martin puts Vantage to the safety test

Aston Martin has subjected its V8 Vantage to a rigorous safety test by offering its services to two Britons who will drive along the new Asia-Pacific highway to raise international awareness of road safety.

Teacher Richard Meredith and travel specialist Phil Colley will set off from Tokyo on June 25th, passing through 15 countries before arriving in London six weeks later.

They are undertaking their journey in collaboration with the United Nations and the UN-backed Road Safety is no Accident and Make Roads Safe campaigns.

Mr Meredith praised Aston Martin for having the “confidence and enthusiasm” to put the V8 Vantage on public trial in the name of road safety.

Dr Ulrich Bez, chairman of Aston Martin, said: “As makers of high performance cars we have a special responsibility to promote safe road use. Our cars meet the highest standards of active and passive safety and our driver training courses promote responsible driving.

“Richard, Phil and the V8 Vantage face a tough journey ahead but I have every confidence that they will succeed.”

The car has been given some minor modifications ahead of the trip, including a strengthened sump guard and raised suspension. The vehicle will run on standard 18-inch wheels with Bridgestone tyres.


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