Why Peugeot’s new car is called the 3008

Peugeot has revealed more details about its forthcoming 3008 crossover car – and explained how it got its name.

The compact and spacious hybrid vehicle originally had the working title T84 but Peugeot’s naming department settled on 3008 for a variety of reasons.

The ‘3’ refers to the place of the car in the Peugeot’s compact medium range.

The ’00’ is not a James Bond reference but is meant to suggest a "different and original design".

While the ‘8’ identifies its generation within the range.

The hybrid’s traditional engine is situated in its normal place under the bonnet and powers the front wheels while the electric motor is to be found beneath the load area floor adjacent to the rear suspension.

Inside the car there is a ‘head-up display’ and “distance alert’ system and the interior has the uncluttered, practical atmosphere of an aircraft driver’s cockpit.

The car goes on sale at the end of the year in the UK when used Peugeot dealers will be keeping a close eye on its sales progress.

Written by Charlie King


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