AA Cars Vehicle Inspections and the Consumer Rights Act

Vehicle Inspection

Recent changes to the Consumer Rights Act introduced in October 2015 now make it even more important for car dealerships to ensure that their second-hand cars have been through a comprehensive testing process and are up to scratch before being sold.

When you buy a used car from an AA Cars approved dealer you can be confident in the knowledge that it won’t let you down. Our rigorous Vehicle Inspections process means that buyers can trust that their new vehicle has the seal of approval from the nation’s most established roadside assistance company.

With a 128 point comprehensive testing programme which includes all of the essentials such as tyres, steering, suspension and brakes, plus a whole host of other checks, buying a car with an AA inspection through AA Cars is a decision you won’t regret.

How do the changes affect consumers?

The changes to the Consumer Rights Act make it much easier for customers to legally return faulty products for a refund within 30 days. This means that customers who buy used cars and experience problems within the first month are eligible by law to return the car to the dealer in exchange for a full refund. These changes give buyers much more power and mean that it’s even more essential that your vehicles are in a fully safe working condition when sold on, to avoid any costly refunds further down the line.


How do the changes affect dealers?

The new changes affect used car dealers because it makes it now even more important that used cars are 100% in perfect condition when sold. Dealers who work with a reputable company like AA Cars will be able to assure their customers that they won’t experience any problems with their new vehicle and won’t have to resolve any issues with faulty vehicles.

The changes mean that as a dealer you will be legally obliged to give a full refund, although you do have the option to offer a repair, but it is up to the customer to decide whether to accept. Working in unison with a company like AA Cars means that your dealership will benefit from all vehicles being given the trusted AA seal of approval, giving both you and the customer confidence in the vehicles’ condition. To find out more about our testing process, check out our Vehicle Inspections page.

How can AA Cars alleviate any risk for consumers?

The power and sense of trust that a dealership being associated with the AA gives customers is an invaluable asset. Most people are apprehensive when buying a used car, so working with a company who has such a long history of helping and supporting motorists is sure to be a bonus. The cars also come with a free year of AA breakdown cover which makes buying a used car from an AA approved dealership even more appealing.


How can AA Cars alleviate any risk for dealers?

The impartial approval from the AA offers double protection. It eliminates the element of risk that those looking for a used car experience and the inspection gives dealers solid proof that a car was 100% roadworthy when being sold, preventing any bogus claims for refunds.

An intensive mechanical inspection of a vehicle is an asset that over 82% of current AA customers said they would want before purchasing a vehicle, illustrating just how much this can contribute towards making a sale. The peace of mind which comes from buying an AA approved used car from an approved used car dealer is invaluable to both customers and your business.

The changes to the Consumer Rights Act have made it even harder to dealers to sell used cars which haven’t been properly mechanically checked, meaning that they will have to face up the repercussions. The security and added guarantee that having a AA Vehicle Inspection on your used car gives to both the dealer and customer is even more crucial now thanks to the changes.


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