Range Rover gets Posh makeover, and mixed response

Victoria Beckham, wife of England’s patron saint of football David, has continued her dip into designing, this time on the Range Rover Evoque – but some Guardian readers aren’t happy.

The £80,000 Range Rover was unveiled at Beijing and, according to Mrs. Beckham, inspired by “yachts, luxury jets and classic cars.”

The Guardian’s Imogen Fox is a fan: “The interior is a classy cross between one of her Hermes-ish luxury handbags and a baseball glove – a joint nod to high fashion and the US sports scene. Do you see what she did there? The exterior resembles a pouty pair of dark sunglasses.”

However, response by Guardian readers is predictably somewhat less favourable:

“Can’t you at least distance yourself from this tosh by putting quotation marks around ‘designed’? Or take the long route and write: ‘She endorsed a car designer’s design and had no actual input herself’?”

“I have nothing against Range Rovers, and think the new model looks great – but what kind of people are they aiming for if they are using Victoria Beckham’s name as a selling point???”

“Fashion Blog or not, Why is the Grauniad giving column space (or pixels) over to this gas-guzzling, piece of shallow, materialistic nonsense from a z-list celebrity whose fame happened last century?”


What do you think of the Victoria Beckham/Range Rover mash-up?


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