Chrysler fuel systems unveiled at motor show

Chrysler has shown off three new concept vehicles which each uses a different fuel system at the Detroit Auto Show.

The ecoVoyager vehicle includes an electric motor and regenerative braking, which means it returns energy to the engine when slowing down.

Inside the Jeep Renegade concept is a Bluetec diesel engine, capable of an extra 115 horsepower when needed and has a fuel economy close to five times greater than a petrol-only car.

Lastly, the Dodge Zero Emissions Operation (ZEO) in an all-electric model "as expressive as any petrol-powered vehicle … and then some".

"These three new designs show that we are moving all of our brands forward with a green agenda … Our designers today [need]to make sure that future designs stand out from the crowd, while making sure that they are eco-friendly," said managing director of Chrysler UK, Simon Elliott.

Dodge, Jeep and Mopar are all divisions of Chrysler.


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