Schumacher helping to shape the new Ferrari California

Racing legend Michael Schumacher is on the last lap of helping to test the Ferrari California – the new eight-cylinder model which is due to take its place on the starting grid at the Paris International Motor Show on October 2nd this year.

The seven times Formula 1 world champion has been on-board the team developing the latest Prancing Horse road car since its inception and has worked closely with Ferrari’s team of engineers, technicians and test-drivers on optimising its performance parameters.

He seems to have, as always, done a good job – the car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under four seconds.

The German sporting icon described the project as “really fascinating and great fun”.

He said: “The Ferrari California is designed for everyday use and for weekends away whilst still guaranteeing all of the emotional impact that only an authentic Ferrari can deliver.

“With its usability and high level of interior comfort, it is still surprisingly sporty and fun to drive under any kind of conditions.”


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