Manual for Saab 9-3 owners goes on sale

Haynes has brought out a car manual for Saab 9-3 owners to enable them to carry out repairs on their beloved car – or check that the mechanics at the garage are doing a good job.

The manual doesn’t just blindly regurgitate the manufacturers’ instructions. For instance, it recommends renewing the timing belt a little earlier than at the intervals prescribed by the manufacturer.

This bible for Saab fans stresses that the 9-3 is a fairly simple vehicle to maintain and repair, since design features have been incorporated to reduce the actual cost of ownership to a minimum, and many of the items requiring frequent attention are “easily accessible”.

With sections on daily, weekly and routine maintenance plus advice on preparing for the MOT test, fault-finding charts and useful guidance for driving economically, the Haynes book is a must for any self-sufficient Saab driver.

Priced at just £18.99, this glossy hardback is available from all good automotive accessory retailers and bookshops including Halfords and Motor World.


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