Engineer creates remote controlled Hummer

An engineer has used a full sized 4×4 car to create a unique remote control toy.

It took Dr James Brighton and his team from Cranfield University a month to take control of the Hummer H3 model, and to be able to programme its driving remotely.

Dr Brighton said: "Converting the Hummer H3 into the super-sized remote control car took a month to complete but we’ve had lots of fun in the process.

"The results are clear – all controllers will be amazed by the handling ability, the best any radio controlled vehicle has had to date. The vehicle is capable of climbing a 407mm vertical wall, traversing a 40 per cent side slope and operating in up to 610mm of water – imagine the fun!"

The Hummer H3 can be ordered from £26,495 on the road – but you will have to drive it yourself.


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