The End of Hybrids?

Boffins at The Toyohashi University of Technology have created a new technology which it believes could put an end to conventional fuel-based/hybrid travel – and even electric re-charging points currently being built on UK roadsides.

The team at one of Japan’s leading learning institutes have developed a system which will allow electricity to be sent through six inches of concrete directly into cars’ tyres!
Using the system, car tyres can be constantly recharged.

The team at Toyohashi University of Technology claim that their EVER (Electric Vehicle on Electrified Roadway) system is already good to go and is waiting on ‘little more’ than mass-approval and adoption.

Professor Takashi Ohir, leading the team, added that the concrete could be scaled up to one foot although voltage would need be increased by 100 in order to power a car. This is not a problem, according to Ohir.

The Toyohashi team also confirmed that power loss (dissipation) is less than 20 per cent – putting an end to concerns over battery power loss when travelling long distances.
It is understood that Toyota are developing a similar system which includes the use of metal plates placed upon road surfaces.


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