Car of the Week: McLaren 650S Spider

McLaren 650S Spider

Described by McLaren as the ‘world’s most versatile supercar’, the McLaren 650S surely must go down as one of the most beautiful supercars to ever inhabit the earth. The Spider version features a retractable hardtop which McLaren say ‘opens up a whole new dimension of driving enjoyment’. With the Spider you can enjoy the mind-blowing exterior design and precise handling that the coupe version has, all with the roof down, soaking up the sun.

McLaren 650S Spider 2

With the 650S Spyder, every aspect of style and design has been considered, ensuring that the retractable roof doesn’t affect the car’s performance. Overall, it takes just under 17 seconds for the driver to drop the roof of the 650S Spyder, but it took McLaren’s engineers six months to ensure that the roof and fixings weighed no more than 40kgs, ensuring that there was no impact whatsoever on the car’s centre of gravity.

McLaren 650S Spider 3

The styling of the car, however, isn’t all about aesthetic beauty, and much of it is actually due to considerations about airflow and aerodynamics. For example, the low front intends to maximise down force as much as possible, in return maximising traction and cornering ability.

McLaren’s commitment to carbon fibre has led to the creation of the MonoCell. Back in the days of the McLaren F1, it took 4,000 hours to create each carbon fibre cassis, in 2014 (twenty years later), it takes a mere four.

McLaren 650S Spider

When it comes to the engine, the M838T is special. The aluminium 3.8-litre V8 sits as low as possible in the chassis, improving the centre of gravity. The engine was built for the 650SSpider, and it contains a colossal 1,100 crafted parts, dry-sump lubrication and a flat-plane crankshaft.

McLaren 650S Spider

With a maximum speed of 204 mph, the 650S Spider is just as quick as the styling would have you believe, and it will do 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds. If you’re in a rush to get to 100 mph, you’ll be there in 5.8 seconds. No matter whether you’re dashing around town or reaching heights like these on the track, the McLaren 650S Spider is the perfect car.

Max Speed 204 mph
0-60 mph 2.9 seconds
0-100 mph 5.8 seconds
¼ of a mile 10.62 seconds @ 138 mph
0-1,000 metres 19.0 seconds @ 173 mph
Max RPM 8,500
Power 641 bhp
Torque 678 nm (500lb ft)

McLaren 650S Spider

This Volcano Orange Spider is the perfect example, having covered only 360 miles since it rolled out of the factory earlier this year. Volcano Orange with Black Alcantara seats and a stealth wheel finish, this is probably the finest model available in the UK.

Available with carbon fibre exterior and interior upgrades as well as a carbon fibre engine cover, this 650S Spider is the ultimate supercar.

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