James Bond Aston Martin voted Brits’ dream car

The Aston Martin DB9 Vanquish, a car that wins the approval of James Bond, has been voted the motor that Brits would most like to have in their garage.

Motors.co.uk found that it was the top choice of more than a third of the 1001 respondents participating in the dream car poll.

Used Aston Martin dealers have long-known about the enduring appeal of the company’s cars.

Katie Armitage of motors.couk said: “It was unsurprising that so many of the respondents surveyed would choose to drive such a luxurious motor and see cars as a top status symbol.

"It was also interesting that so many would spend up to half their annual salary on a new car and for those who couldn’t afford it; modification was a way to add kudos."

Just over a quarter (26 per cent) claimed that their car is their ultimate status symbol, while 37 per cent intend to ignore the credit crunch and splash out half their annual wages on a new motor.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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