Do air bags have to be renewed when they get old?

Do I need to take any action regarding the Airbag replacement date (14 Years) on my 13 year old car, or has this requirement been phased out now that airbags have been shown to perform correctly many years after the replacement date?

Asked by Rob Hardy

When airbags were first introduced they were anticipated to last 10 years and were dated accordingly.  In light of experience this was extended to 15 years and more recently there’s been no ‘replace by’ date indicated at all.

The MOT test doesn’t check airbag age – only warning light function – and it’s unlikely to make economic sense to renew airbags on such an aged vehicle.

In 2010 the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders was reported as saying “the service requirement had been ‘totally phased out’ because airbags had stood the test of time, and were intended to last the lifetime of a car, unless damaged, without the need for servicing.”


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