Introducing the Dealer Promise – Why car buying just got easier

yellow-carHave you ever found the car of your dreams but believed it to be too good to be true, and not bought it as you don’t trust the dealership selling the vehicle? Well, you’re not alone as recent reports found that just 7% of consumers claim to trust car dealerships and around 36% admitted to walking away from a used car they intended to buy as they could only find vague or untrustworthy information about it.

On the back of these findings, and to improve the services offered to our customers, AA Cars have launched the Dealer Promise. Working with dealerships across the country, it requires each dealership to sign-up to a ten-point scheme that meets specific requirements to build consumer trust in them.

Increased trust and confidence

The Dealer Promise has been developed to improve the trust and confidence consumers will have when purchasing used cars through the many dealers we work with. To date, 40% of AA Cars existing independent dealers have agreed to the scheme, with record numbers of new dealers signing up.

It’s been designed for consumers to feel comfortable and confident when buying a second hand car from one of our independent car dealers. Each of our dealers signed up to the Dealer Promise will be clearly identifiable through our website and in their showroom. The defining feature of our Dealer Promise is the ten point plan.

Ten Point Plan

Any dealer that signs up to the Dealer Promise must meet all ten of the following points, to ensure all the used cars for sale through them can be trusted by consumers:

  • Provide at least six months MOT on all vehicles
  • Provide a free history check on each one
  • Offer a road test so each vehicle meets the consumer’s standards
  • Allow any vehicle inspection by the AA or any independent third party before purchase
  • Hand over all essential documents (including V5 registration, MOT certificate and service records)
  • Professionally prepare and deliver the car in top condition
  • Allow AA Cars to audit the dealership annually, to ensure compliance with the Dealer Promise
  • Let AA Cars mediate in any issues that may arise between consumers and dealerships
  • Honour obligations under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to protect the consumer’s purchase
  • Ensure all vehicles come with 12 months’ free breakdown cover, as all those advertised on do

This provides you as the consumer with the knowledge that the dealership you’re using will have done everything in its power to ensure the used car you hope to buy complies with all the legalities and is in the best condition. It’s a way of increasing trust, transparency and honesty in the used car industry.

AA Cars’ role

AA Cars acts as a broker between consumers and dealers if any post sale issues occur, as part of the Dealer Promise. The unique mediation proposal means that any problems for the consumer with the dealership can be escalated and dealt with by a dedicated AA Cars representative, taking the hassle away from you.

It should create a clear line of discourse to sort out any issues in the best possible interests for both parties. Customers will be able to buy with confidence from any of the many used car dealerships which adhere to the Dealer Promise and be safe in the knowledge that things will be sorted out should there be any problems. Car buying just got easier.

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