Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupe review

Design is even more eye-catching than standard model

July 2016


  • Design is even more eye-catching than standard model
  • Best iteration of the supercharged V8 to date
  • Four-wheel-drive enhances rather than inhibits handling
  • Impressive on road and spectacular on track


  • Space inside is modest
  • View forward is good but visibility over shoulders and behind is less impressive
  • Running costs likely to be high
  • Lack of any rear seats might put off some buyers
Jaguar is marching into the future with a product range that is constantly evolving and widening. The F-Type has been a big part of its recent successes and now a new range-topping version has been introduced. The F-Type SVR is the first F-Type to benefit from the attentions of the Special Vehicle Operations unit and is the fastest series production Jaguar ever.

The F-Type takes its place in the Jaguar range as a sports car in its purest form amongst a range of coupes, roadsters, saloons and estates all with a sporting feel. It has already been improved since launch with a revised range and the addition of four-wheel-drive and manual transmissions as options, but the SVR is a step further and a new range-topping addition.

Created by the Special Vehicle Operations unit, the SVR has a number of changes over the standard car, and is based on the R AWD model. Available in both Coupe and Roadster forms, the SVR is available solely with the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine, although it produces more power here than in the R model, and mated to the eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Outside the F-Type SVR is distinguished from the regular R model by enhanced aerodynamics. At the front there are larger air vents and a bigger diffuser to both channel air more effectively and increase downforce while at the rear there is an eye-catching rear wing which operates automatically as well as via a dedicated switch.

Mechanically the F-Type SVR has additional power and torque as well as recalibrated software for the electric power steering and torque vectoring system. The suspension has been revised including a new rear locating knuckle while the relative stiffness of the front and rear anti-roll bars has been changed to improve corner turn-in.

Our verdict on the Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupe
There was very little wrong with the F-Type in the first instance, but the updates have improved this impressive car still further. The four-wheel-drive system is unobtrusive but effective, and allows the driver to enjoy the performance more of the time, while the electric power steering system is just as good to use as the previous set up. More usable but just as alluring as before, the F-Type R AWD is a spectacular sports car.